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About Casey Helman

Casey Helman is a trusted expert in Vocational Education in Australia.  Casey is obsessed with building better learners through innovative curriculums, streamlined compliance and quality vocational education. 

Casey has developed deep expertise in RTO compliance and operations through holding multiple roles in the sector.  She has been an educator, an RTO owner, a consultant, in-house and VRQA auditor.  This unique perspective gives Casey the ability to look at compliance from every perspective.  She understands the burden paperwork and continuous improvement can feel like in an RTO – and how this can ultimately filter down and impact student outcomes.

That’s why she founded Casey Helman Consulting.  Her goal is to helps Schools, Private RTOs and TAFE strike a balance between compliance, usability and innovation in education design.

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Casey Helman | Vet Development Conference Day 1 | RACV City Club, Lvl17, 501 Bourke Street, Melbourne | July 15, 2021 | © Mark Avellino Photography

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