Simplifying Compliance

How to set your RTO internal compliance audit schedule

Having an internal audit schedule is the easiest way to keep up with your compliance and continuous improvement requirements…. if you stick to it! READ MORE >>

Mapping your VET Assessments (Macro V Micro)

In 2020, I wrote commercial assessment products for over 50 units of competency, ranging from Certificate III to Diploma. These were single units of competency for READ MORE >>

What does my Simulated Assessment Environment need?

It’s not always possible to conduct assessments in the workplace. That’s when Simulated Assessment comes in. There are two parts to a simulated assessment environment READ MORE >>

I conducted 20 audits in 2020, here is the most common Non Compliance

In 2020, I conducted 20 audits. 5 of those were face to face before COVID kicked in and the remaining 15 were conducted virtually using dropbox and zoom. READ MORE >>