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I'm Casey - and I am not your average auditor!

I am trusted expert in Vocational Education in Australia.  I’m a VRQA auditor, consultant, RTO owner and educator.  I am obsessed
with building better learners through innovative curriculums, streamlined compliance and quality vocational education. 

As an independent auditor, this experience gives me the ability to look at compliance from every perspective.  I understands the burden paperwork and continuous improvement can feel like in an RTO – and how this can ultimately filter down and impact student impacts.

With every audit I complete, my goal is to help Schools, Private RTOs and TAFE strike a balance between compliance, usability and innovation in education design.

With my experienced team, I provide a suite of services including internal audits and assessment validations with comprehensive reports and targeted action plans to get you back on track without feeling overwhelmed.

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Internal regulatory audit

In this audit we look at your RTO compliance against VRQA standards.  Our audits include:

Resource Development​

Development of compliant curriculum, training and assessment strategies, assessments and more – all with a focus on balancing innovation, usability and compliance.  Depending on your needs, our process includes

Consulting Support

Project-based partnerships to ensure you execute your vision while remaining compliant.

Why work with us?

We talk to your team

Documents are great – but how are things really done in your RTO?  We talk to your team so we get a full picture of your operations – and a transparent audit report focused on the real daily operations and risks, not just what’s on paper.

We look at the patterns in your audit history

We review past reports and outcomes, because they help us see if there is a pattern in your compliance – and help you close gaps and reduce risks, permanently.

Traffic Light Risk Assessments

Our reports include a traffic light assessment of your audit oucomes against standards.  This helps you focus your effort and resources on the genuine risks – not try to do everything at once.

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