RTO Compliance Course

The RTO Compliance Course

Simplifying RTO compliance one module at a time

Do you get overwhelmed with your RTO Compliance?

Not sure where to begin, what to check or what to record?

Feel like you make mistakes and the same issues come up, audit after audit?

Can you imagine...

This is not a dream – it can be your reality!


I know because, as a regulatory auditor, I’ve audited a wide range of RTOs and I know the common mistakes and traps RTO’s fall into.


I have created a course to help you understand and avoid these pitfalls, so you can say goodbye to overwhelm, and say hello to stress-free, streamlined compliance you can be confident in!

That’s why I can't wait to introduce you to the RTO Compliance Course!

When you implement my proven system...


to this:

Feeling like you have to do *all the compliance* (even if it doesn’t fit with your RTO and your risks)

Creating a tailored compliance framework suited to your RTO and its unique operations.

Clunky tools and templates that are hard to use

Customised, streamlined compliance tools and templates 

Compliance being complicated and overwhelming

Simplified, streamlined compliance that’s easy to manage

If you're ready to go from being overwhelmed to being in control, but you need someone who's been there done that to guide the way...

I created the RTO Compliance Course for you!

This online course is for people working in Registered Training Organisations who want to create a solid foundation for monitoring their compliance requirements against the standards for RTO’s, AQTF Conditions and Standards or VRQA guidelines.

Here's how the program breaks down...

Templates and Tools
Real Examples

What you’ll learn


Legislation & Frameworks

What legislation you should be aware of, HOW you should be communicating it, WHO you should be communicating it to.


Marketing and Enrolment

The Do’s and Don’t of marketing, what information MUST be communicated to prospective students and the types of records you should keep.


Trainer & Assessor Competency

WHAT qualifications Trainers & Assessors should have, HOW much professional development should be undertaken and HOW to maintain currency.


Assessment Validation 

HOW to determine if your assessments meet the rules of evidence and principles of assessment, WHEN you should be conducting validation and WHO should be apart of the process.


Managing Third Parties

Contract Management Tips, set up your frameworks, WHAT information to collect, WHEN and HOW to collect it and what you need to report. 


Continuous Improvement

HOW to successfully transition from an expiring training package. Step by Step process, tools and tips for documenting the process. 


Training Package Transitions 

Set up your framework. WHAT to measure, WHAT to record, WHAT needs action and what doesn’t. HOW to create a monitoring system and WHO should be apart of the process.


Certificates, Resulting and Transfers

Ensuring certificates, record of results and statements of attainment meet requirements. HOW credit transfers should be documented and processed. 


BONUS Content

EXACTLY what I look for when I conduct a quality audit, WHAT questions I would ask, WHAT I document and WHAT I detail in the report.

Have we met?

I'm Casey - and I am not your average auditor!

I am trusted expert in Vocational Education in Australia.  I’m a VRQA auditor, consultant, RTO owner and educator.  I am obsessed
with building better learners through innovative curriculums, streamlined compliance and quality vocational education. 

As an independent auditor, this experience gives me the ability to look at compliance from every perspective.  I understands the burden paperwork and continuous improvement can feel like in an RTO – and how this can ultimately filter down and impact student impacts.

This is why I created the RTO Compliance course.  My goal is to help Schools, Private RTOs and TAFE strike a balance between compliance, usability and innovation in education design.

The RTO Compliance course guides you, step-by-step, to streamlining your compliance and get you back on track without feeling overwhelmed.

I can't wait to welcome you into the RTO Compliance Course!

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